the seven chakras are who and what we are, what we feel and how we think and change, they are how we express ourselves and how we create… the chakra system is precisely the means by which we gain awareness. it is how we experience life, how we precieve reality, and how we relate to self, others, and the world.
currently falling further in love with my people. . JET magazine heaven at #MarcusBookstore in san francisco ! issues ranging from 71’ to 95’ 😍💓👊 (at Marcus Books)

Come through & get it shakinThe Mating DanceThursday Feb 13th 18+ $7 9PM-2AM

for lovers &lovers to be
come through,  come through. . we got plans for you
"The only thing I HAVE to do is stay black and die."
African American proverb (via blackproverbs)


Malidoma is a compilation of artist projecting the female vision & voice rekindling the spirit of reciprocity within ourselves, our collective, and community.
Malidoma is a resource encouraging cultural, intellectual and economic growth through community programming, production services and educational workshops.
Through Malidoma Productions we are constructing various interactive forms of human engagement. With the objective to cultivate a culturally empowered and socially regenerative community, we reorder the nature and function of both art and the artist.
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Collectively fly

Couple in Prospect Park, 1990 by Dawoud Bey